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    Cyber Symposium 2021

    October 1 - 31 2021, Virtual, USA

Rainbow Secure Cyber Symposium

To celebrate Cyber Security Month and to spread education, awareness and promote security collaboration, Rainbow Secure is hosting a month long guest talk series along with networking and collaboration opportunities.
Its a convergence of experts, leaders, learners, enterpreneurs, and enablers of cyber security for business, government and society in general. Knowledge, Tips and Experience will be shared, new connections will be made, relationships and partnerships will be formed or nurtured further.
Don't wait, take part as an attendee or apply for speaker. Rainbow Secure is happy to host with support from sponsors and partners to promote learning and cyber awareness in celebration of Cyber Security Month.

Purpose of the event is purely to promote learning among technology and business leaders, make them aware of the current cyber security threats, trends, innovations and opportunities to make digital transformation and cloud deployments secure. In other words, to spread joy and boost confidence among businesses that there is a hope to do business online with right steps while reducing business cyber risks and liabilities. This is to show that Cyber Professional Community made up of Cyber Warriors and Solution Providers are always there with business, to help it sustain and grow.

Hours of content


Experienced Professionals and Executives from organizations of all sizes are coming together, sharing their knowledge, Apply For Ambassador/Volunteering their time to spread the cyber security awareness, impart education on latest threats, trends & technologies and keep us all secure.

Nehal Mehta

CEO & Co-Founder at Rainbow Secure


Dhaval Shah

vCISO & Co-Founder at Rainbow Secure


Niloufer Tamboly

Risk Management Specialist at Verizon


Upendra Mardikar

Chief Security Officer at Snap Finance


Saurabh Jain

Founder, Fun2Do Labs (EdTech Startup), Ex-Vice President at Paytm Founder at Fun2Do Labs (EdTech Startup)


Aastha Sahni

Lead Instructor at Flatiron School


Izar Tarandach

Principal Security Architect at Squarespace


Bishakha Jain

Senior Consultant at IBM


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Take this opportunity to become a cyberchampion, spread cyberawareness, or share your knowledge in fight against cyberthreats.

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Expand your network, make a new connections and get an opportunity to grow or expand your career or business.


Acquire strategic knowledge and listen to real life work experience from our guest speakers coming from different domains who has spent years at navigating the technology and security challenges.

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Meet 1-1 with our security and risk management partners, business service providers, training service providers and your peers in the industry who are looking for project partners.


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