Rainbow Secure technology

What is Rainbow secure technology

Rainbow Secure is a New technology that helps you to create an extremely strong Password, Passwordless login, Multi-factor verification.
It's not password generator or password manager.

It is a technology that allows to use Creative Options like:

  • Secure by 17 million colors

    17 million colors as a font color, 17 million colors as a background color

  • Secure by 100+ Styles

    100 + of styles like Bold, Italic, Underline, fontsize,Font Name etc..

  • Configure with

    A-Z, a-z, 0-9, Special charaters, 17 million colors, 100 + Styles, Image, Picture, Biometrics

  • Flexibility of applying

    Shape, size, color, appearance on text, picture, Biometrics means easy to use, harder to hack and crack

What make Rainbow Secure Stronger?

Shape, size, color, appearance on text, picture, Biometrics options are used as a part of password and as a part of passwordless, MFA challenges.
Because of power of formatting options the combinations for even very short password and tokens are maximized.
So now you don't need to worry about so big length and complex rules, just apply some color and/or style to text or picture that you can easily remember and it becomes your password.

Let's How to Calculate Password Entropy/ Combinations ?

Password entropy predicts how difficult a given password would be to crack through guessing, brute force cracking, dictionary attacks or other common methods. Entropy essentially measures how many guesses an attacker will need to make to guess your password.

As computing power grows, the amount of time required to guess large amounts of passwords decreases significantly, therefore it is useful to make certain assumptions at the time of a given calculation as to number of guesses per second a computer can make (a factor which varies over time).

The number of guesses it takes to 100% definitely guess a password or passphrase (i.e. number of possible password or passphrase combinations) typically tends to be a function of the size of the “symbol pool” to the power of the number of symbols used.

Entropy Formula

L = Password Length; Number of symbols in the password
S = Size of the pool of unique possible symbols (character set).
For example:
Numbers (0-9): 10
Lower Case Latin Alphabet (a-z): 26
Lower Case & Upper Case Latin Alphabet (a-z, A-Z): 52
ASCII Printable Character Set (a-z, A-Z, symbols, space): 95

With Color & Style (a-z, A-Z, symbols, space,(17 million X95)Fontcolors, (17 million X95)Back colors,100 styles : 360000000000
Number of Possible Combinations = SL
Entropy = log2(Number of Possible Combinations)

It is important to note that statistically, a brute force attack will not require guessing ALL of the possible combinations to eventually hit the right permutation. We therefore tend to look at the expected number of guesses required which can be rephrased as how many guesses it takes to have a 50% chance of guessing the password.

This can be expressed by extending the formula above:
Expected Number of guesses (to have a 50% chance of guessing the password) = 2Entropy-1

  • Rainbow secure We have 36 Quadrilian Option for 1 Character
  • So if we use only 5 character Rainbow Secure Password thats give 50 to 60 character strength
  • Also It include some clicking on screen that eliminate bruteforce, keylogger attacks
  • we Offer UI customization so Uer have uniqe UI for their employee,with similar User expieriance
  • Why Rainbow Secure is best


      Now Rainbow Password have Total 17 million font color X 17 million shading X 100+ style options for each characters of password that we traditionally use .That makes Rainbow password harder to crack and Extremely strong authentication.


      Our Industry standard and compliant APIs and expert technical help makes it easy to integrate with your enterprise's application, websites and make it part of your corporatewide security strategy.


      If you use less complexity and less length still Rainbow password gives extremely strong password. We handle all complexity on behalf of user so user can enjoy stress free security. If you have 6 character long Rainbow Password with some colors and style, that equals to 60-100 character of legacy password.


      Powerful and really flexible security configuration options makes Rainbow Secure technologies an ideal candidate for your company's front line cyber defense. You can choose from password and password less options, from text password, picture password, picture pattern password options for SaaS, Hybrid cloud or on premise installations.


      Rainbow Secure is giving user friendly options for strong authentication compared to today's complex password rules of Like "Passwords should be long, complex and harder to crack." It allows users to adhere to regular password change guidelines without actually changing password. They can just change some color or style every season or holidays or sporting event.


      Auto password generator and Password manager create weird complex password that are hard to remember and handle. We don't need any of those, just keep it simple.