Handle Automated Threats to your business

Leverage the power of Rainbow Secure’s advanced security protection that uses automated AI monitoring and risk analytics to identify and block known and unknown automated bad actors.

  • You get the power of leading device / IP reputation services and our own risk score data stores to identify and block known bad IP addresses and devices.
  • Rainbow Secure uses a machine-learning-driven approach to Identify and block malicious IP and Bot behavior.
  • The solution fights pre-authentication to ensure your service is not impacted. It also collects analytics as user uses or navigates through the platform.
  • Setup false positive-lists to remediate IP addresses that are no longer malicious or mistakenly marked by our algorithms or our partner device / IP reputation services.
  • Ask for our solution integration services to add third party enterprise bot detection solutions in the chain of defense.

Developer Friendly CISO Approved

  • Supports all coding platforms
  • Works on mobile, desktops
  • Scalable deployment
  • Support millions of verifications
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