About Rainbow Secure, geoACL

Leader in Smart & Secure Digital Solutions that works for you

Founded in 2013, as a research entity that focused on innovation for secure digital world, has grown into potent force for smart and secure digital solutions for individuals, businesses and big enterprises.

GEOACL LLC is a full spectrum Solution Provider striving to provide Safe and Secure Digital Office and Information Security Solutions & Managed Services in Cloud and Cyber Security using our US based Business and Technical Experts with decades of experience in Fortune 500 companies and our own patented technologies Made in USA. We bring out Simple, Reliable and Easy to use solutions and security technology APIs that can be welcomed by end users with minimal training and integrated by developers with no fuss. Our Rainbow Secure Office solutions and geoACL services help you assess your business process, recharge your growth, find information security gaps and resolve it, improve productivity, help increase protection of your digital, financial assets and Business transactions from Cyber Attacks, and data breaches. We help make you compliant with added advantage of bringing value addition to your business. Employees, Consultants, Owners, Managers are all human and do make mistakes.

  • Our Mission

    We empower humans to be better prepared with right tools, automate processes that are routine to reduce common mistakes, configure right alerting and get periodic training refreshers. We help achieve right fit of technology and your business, whether its Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block chain or cyber security technologies and services. All of our security technologies Rainbow Password less logins, Rainbow Password Authentication, Smart Multi-factor and geoACL Location based security are protected by US and world wide Patents. We reserve copy right and trademarks on our solutions, brands and products.

  • Meet Our Founder

    Hello, I’m Nehal Mehta.
    I’m the President, founder, Solution designer of Rainbow Secure.


    A few words about me :
    As the President/Co-Founder, I lead Rainbow Secure. I graduated with BS Degrees (Math, statistics, Economic), BCA (in Computer Science), Masters - MPA(Master in performing arts), Diploma in Indian Classical Dance. I am passionate about cybersecurity.
    Everybody has issues with their password and credentials, even the current two factors not enough. A customer has to look for fraud transactions within their financial accounts.Day by day burden on a user(creating strong password) is increase to keep them safe from cyber attacks and breaches.One day when my son wrote his name with differnt colors that give me idea to create a new way for authentication user and validate user.Using color and style it gives user multi-layer and multi-factor at same time and we can remove user burden. I got three patents on these technology inventions. I am also working on modern biometric solution and I hope to launch it soon.

    When I Launched Rainbow secure in April 2020 with help of Microsoft women in cloud Accelarater program, I haven’t imagined what it will grow into. Today my company is not only a successful as a Solution provider. It’s also a well-known brand known for the following core values: Creativity, Simplicity, Cyber Security, Customized Services, Commitment, Integrity

    Hello, I’m Dhaval Shah.
    I’m the founder, CEO & Chief Technology Office of Rainbow Secure.


    A few words about me:
    As the founder, CEO & CTO I lead Rainbow Secure technical design and compliance efforts. My responsibilities include managing the partnerships as well as leading our Tech team. I graduated with Masters Degree in Computer Applications. I did undergrad in Computer Science. I am passionate and curious about technology, how it works and how it makes human life better and easier. I like to study human problem very closely. I have around 21 years of experience working in industry verticals like Software product company, Pharma, Utility, Retail, fianacial services, government and healthcare, where I was solving complex business challenges and learnt best practices. I studied business risk and liabilities domain and acquired property and casualty license for the state of NJ. When my co-founder talked me about her idea i joined her. With our versatile expertise and vision, we developed these wonderful technologies and solutions.

    When I started getting into technology research in 2013, I haven’t imagined what it will grow into. Today my company is a successful technology innovator, workplace solution designer enabling digital transformation and ready for providing enterprise services using field proven experts and advisors, it’s company to rely on for your growth, digital security, compliance with changing regulations and come back after difficult situations.

  • Our Advisors

    We have business and technology advisors currently working / just retired from Fortune 500 companies across different domains who will help us understand and solve your business and technical challenges and serve with high level of commitment and quality. They bring with them years and decades of experience, have faced challenges and solved them and we will use their expertise to your advantage. We will help your business grow with confidence, come back with renewed energy in this Covid-19 and post Covid era when smart business strategy, right fight technology solution and best cyber defense are going to be important factors to succeed.

  • Our Support team

    We provide technical, business and risk management support. Our support model is based on understanding your team's unique data, integration and training needs. We also partner with your technical team to train them, complement them for ground level support to help your users with lowest lag time. We will help you estimate your support needs for proper budget planning.
    We also partner with Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud teams for industry standard reliability and business continuity. We help integrate and deploy our and our partner solutions (Business, Cloud, Security, Monitoring) under one umbrella for seamless, headache free installations and support.

  • Careers

    Take a job opportunity of a lifetime – join the team of Rainbow Secure, geoACL LLC. We cherish active tech savvies willing to work on projects of any type and complexity. If you are enthusiastic about tech innovations and ready to make impactful contributions, feel free to send us your CV. We are interested in hiring professionals for product and project engineering, ADFS, Open ID Connect, SaaS Support and also provide an opportunity of remote work. Send your resume to careers@rSecureOffice.com

  • Privacy policy

    When you use our web site services, you trust us with your information.
    This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it.
    When you share information with us, we use it to make your subscribed services available and secure for you.
    For instance, we can use your email and/or phone to provide you with Rainbow Smart Lock feature.
    We also use your email and/or phone to send you account alerts and communications.
    We don't sell or share your data with other companies.
    We may gleam usage data of all users to determine usage statistics of our websites and features.
    We collect your name, billing information to charge you for your subscription and resolve any dispute if any.
    We collect and record your login and access activities including IP Address to monitor and deter invalid access attempts.
    If you have any questions, want your access history deleted or want to unsubscribe email us at hello@rainbowsecure.com
    We would only retain minimal information to keep billing history for our customers.
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